Located on the historic campus of the Santa Barbara Junior High

Technical Information

Theatre Specs –
Please click on the following for more information or contact our Technical Director at 805 884-4087 ext. 2:

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Help us help you. Here are some helpful hints.
808 beautifully restored, original seats – where is yours?
Stage Dimensions
Want to know how big our space is? Check it out.
All of our lighting paperwork right at your fingertips.
Sound and Video
Here’s the info on our audio and visual systems.
Theatre Inventories

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Here at The Luke we want to support your event by helping you plan, execute and enjoy a successful show. While the following list doesn’t cover every detail, we hope it can act as a basic guideline for getting a show from concept to reality.

  1. Establish a schedule.
  2. Book the theatre.
  3. Know the rules.  Read and follow all theatre policies.
  4. Remember that we’re here to help you.
  5. Advance the show’s technical needs early.
  6. Be flexible.  Be creative.
  7. Advertise.  Get the word out.
  8. Show up prepared.
  9. Try to get other people involved.
  10. Fill out the House Managers checklist well before your event.

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Our beautifully restored, original seating offers the most legroom in town. With 536 seats on the Orchestra level and 272 on the Balcony we’re a very intimate 808 seat theatre. Removable seating allows accessibility for guests with wheelchairs and their companions. Look under your seat! Back when everybody wore a hat, gentlemen would store their hats under their seat, every 10 chairs or so you can see the original hat holders.
seating chart pdf

Stage Dimensions

The Luke is a Proscenium theatre with a 32 foot wide opening. The stage depth from the plaster line is 20 feet upstage and 6 feet downstage to the edge of the apron. The stage is elevated three and a half feet and has good sightlines throughout the house.

The Luke also has a fly loft but most of the linesets are used in the reparatory plot. The following downloads should answer any questions.

stage dimensions pdf
plan view pdf
side elevation pdf
lineset schedule pdf


The Luke maintains a reparatory light plot that is hung, circuited, gelled, and ready to go. Originally designed by Ted Dolas this plot has been refined over the years to serve the various and diverse entertainments that come to The Luke. Our plot is well suited, with minimum changeover and maximum crossover, for everything from Dance to Lectures, and Drama to Chamber Music.

At a glance our reparatory plot has 7 stage washes including 2 colors of front light, 2 colors of back light, 2 colors of side light, with 1 color of high side light. For background color and apron splash we have 4-color strip lights hung as cyc lights and in the mid-stage, respectively. Specials are hung throughout the plot with 9 specials hung on center and quarter lines above the stage, and 4 specials front of house. Now you have a pretty good idea of how we use the majority of our 192 Strand™ 2.3kw dimmers. Changes to our reparatory light plot may incur additional fees.

The following is a collection of lighting paperwork:
light plot pdf
instrument schedule pdf
lighting inventory pdf
lighting section pdf

Sound and Video

Sound Info –

The FOH PA is a 3-way LCR system with delays for over and under the balcony seating (please read the sound pdf for full details.) This system is capable of producing Levels for most shows, ranging from keynote speeches to dance to small concerts. Our system WILL NOT handle loud rock shows, or anything with sustained high SPL Levels. If there are any questions please contact the Technical Director.
sound inventory pdf

christie-MSeries-digital-projector-main-1Video Info –

The Theater has a brand new Christie HD 10,000 Lumen 1080p HD Projection System with a standard Lens. There is a computer plug on stage left, right and at FOH that supports SVGA sources. There is a video switcher, DVD and VHS to the right of the soundboard, FOH. Click the Projector for more info.
video diagram pdf


Theatre Inventories

Please remember that even though we are situated inside the Santa Barbara Junior High School, you are not entitled to use chairs or tables found in the halls but instead are welcome to use everything on the following inventories with no additional cost added to your bill. The single exception to this rule is the rental of our C7 Yamaha Grand Piano, for which there is a small fee.

lighting inventory pdf
sound inventory pdf
carpentry pdf