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Rental Subsidy


Purpose of The Dreier Family Rent Subsidy Fund
To maximize affordability of The Marjorie Luke Theatre and to encourage use of the facility by all area arts organizations, particularly those serving youth.


Subsidy availability is dependent upon the Dreier Family Rent Subsidy Fund reserves.

Subsidy may be limited to a percentage of the total rental costs of the theatre – depending on the Dreier Family Rent Subsidy Fund balance.

Subsidy will be considered for Theatre Rental costs only.

All requests for subsidy will be reviewed by the Rent Subsidy Review Committee, which consists of Board Members, Youth Advisors and Staff. Please allow 30 days for this review process.

Please note that the priority use of The Marjorie Luke Theatre is for performances. Rehearsal time in the theatre will be made available based on availability, and scheduling of performances.

Review Committee Priorities

The Review Committee will give priority to events that demonstrate:

Special priority will also be given to:

Subsidy will also be considered for events featuring adult artists aimed at young and family audiences.

Technical Assistance

The Marjorie Luke Theatre strives to be user-friendly and looks forward to assisting your group/organization in making your use of the theatre enjoyable and successful on every possible level. We are here to help you. Please do not hesitate asking for assistance.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a draft of this application to the General Manager who will be happy to review and offer suggestions to make your application clear and strong.

The Review Committee will respond to all applications with comments about each application and if subsidy has been awarded. The Committee may suggest ways to strengthen a project by clarifying income and expenses, broadening the audience base, suggesting community organizations to collaborate with, finding alternative rehearsal space, and ways to find additional partners/sponsors for your event.

A follow up report by the producing entity/organization will be required for documentation of Subsidy Funds. Failure to complete the follow up report will preclude future subsidy.

Acknowledgement of Subsidy

The Marjorie Luke Theatre respectfully requires that all groups/organizations receiving Rent Subsidy include the following statement in the program for the event:

“This event is supported in part by The Marjorie Luke Theatre’s Dreier Family Rent Subsidy Fund”
Failure to comply with the terms listed herein or of the License Agreement may result in a reduction or rescind of funds.

No Applications will be accepted retroactively. All applications must be submitted in advance of your scheduled rental dates.

Rental Subsidy

  • Please complete entire form.
  • Please note that groups have proven that relying on only un-paid promotion most often results in a failed event. The Committee needs to see a well-planned promotional campaign to support subsidy grants.
  • Please check any of the following offerings you will provide for your event: