Located on the historic campus of the Santa Barbara Junior High

Front of House Needs form

The Marjorie Luke Theatre is committed to making your show run professionally & smoothly from start to finish. By filling out this form the House Manager can assess how to best serve your group & your patrons.

The Luke will gladly train & work with any volunteers you may have. Let the House Manager know in advance. We can always use extra people to hand out programs, tear tickets & greet your patrons.

Please contact our House Manager with questions at 805 884-4087 ext. 3.

Thank You.

Front of House Needs

  • There is NO FOOD OR DRINK allowed inside the Theatre, the ONLY exception is clear water inside a plastic bottle with a re-sealable lid. Remember, as per your contract, The Luke gets 10% of all concessions & merch sales, which will be reflected on your final invoice. There is no alcohol allowed on the premises-we are located on SB School District property.
  • Two tables for each of these needs are sufficient for almost all events at The Luke, but we have a total of 8 6-foot tables available for your use. A limited amount of chairs are available, please ask the House Manager. All signs, decorations or banners must be approved by the House Manager & be hung exclusively with “sticky tac” or painters tape only on the tile in the lobby. (No duct tape, masking tape or scotch tape, it ruins our walls!) When renting The Luke you are renting the Theatre only, not SBJHS. Your group cannot use SBJHS property found in the hallways such as chairs, tables, chalk boards, etc.. The Luke Theatre owns their own property to fulfill your group’s needs, please ask the House Manager.
  • Ticket Sales:
  • If assigned seating your group must obtain a seating chart from the General Manager of the Theatre prior to the event & properly identify all handicapped, accessibility, or special needs patrons in advance of the show.
  • If you are selling tickets under $12.00 and over $12.01, please differentiate the tickets by color or label so they can be separated in the stub count.
  • Box office staff should plan on 10-15 min set up time.
  • The Luke Theatre does not carry cash & is not responsible for making change for your patrons.
  • A wristband or pre-approved hand stamp is standard, please let House Manager know in advance. If you need large sections roped off for your performers, backstage crew, etc., please email the House Manager in advance to let them know where they'll sit. As mandated by the contract The Luke reserves the right to 20 complimentary tickets. The House Manager will work with your box office staff to ascertain how many The Luke will use. Thanks. Break a leg!