Located on the historic campus of the Santa Barbara Junior High


Glee @ the Luke 11/6/10 Marjorie Luke Theatre

10 Frequently Asked Questions at The Luke

  1. Where do I find out what’s playing at the theatre?
    Click here for our Calendar of Events or call 805-884-4087.
  2. What is the capacity and stage dimensions of the theatre? 808 total seats. 536 on the ground level, 272 in the balcony.
    Seating chart PDF
    stage dimensions
  3. What do I do if I want to rent the theatre?
    Contact General Manager by phone or e-mail to confirm availability.
    Rental Rates
  4. What do we do if we need additional space besides the theatre? Please remember when renting the theatre your group has access to everything inside the theatre walls proper & the immediate adjacent common areas; such as, the school lobby & restrooms.  Any additional space needed must be done through a Civic City Permit & is subject to approval by the SB School District in advance with an additional fee.If your group decides it needs extra space, the General Manager can assist you with this process.
  5. I have a presentation on a flash drive for my event, what kind of computer do you have to run it?  The Marjorie Luke Theatre does not have a computer to run your media. You will be required to bring in your own laptop.
  6. How do you get to your loading dock door?
    loading dock door map
  7. What are your dressing rooms like?  We have three dressing rooms. The maximum amount of people we can house is 42.
  8. What is the Marjorie Luke Theatre’s relationship with the Santa Barbara School District?  The Marjorie Luke Theatre is a joint agreement between SBCYPAC, inc, and the Santa Barbara School District. As per our charter, we serve:Santa Barbara Junior High School events Community/youth events Santa Barbara School District events
  9. Nearby hotel & restaurant suggestions?  There are great restaurants within walking distance of the theatre. Arnoldi’s Café is just 3 blocks away! Local Map
  10. How do I donate? Click here for the Donate page