Located on the historic campus of the Santa Barbara Junior High

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

or The Night They Missed the Forest For the Trees


Friday March 20 & Saturday March 21 at 7pm

The SBJHS Theatre Department presents this rollicking adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, teenagers, fairies, workers and royalty collide in a forest on a summer night and are bedazzled by a prankster. The fairy queen falls in love with an ass, the teens fall in and out (and in) love with each other, six well-meaning goofs stumble into their 15 minutes of fame, fairies weave magic to bring it all to a happy end as only Shakespeare can conjure, and three streetwise storytellers pull the audience at breakneck speed toward the moon-drenched conclusion.

For more info please visit sbjhs.org or call 805-963-7751 x4028